Tuesday, August 9, 2011

UH-60 Blackhawk without external fuel

It has "MP" Support, like, if you're in a TDM server that allows this kind of mod, you can get in, by pressing G
And if you want go in the interior to shoot, you can press F to get out (blackhawk has to be stable) you will go to a  invisible ramp, you can go back to the cargo, and if you want go back as passenger, press G, its good because of that SAMP bug, that when you're in helicopter interior, and your friend goes really fast or doing stunts, you die, bad thing is that the doors are there, and you cant have a really clear vision of outside, next version will have no doors :D

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  1. wow,this is a hell of a helicopter!Great job mate!Keep up the good work (idk why but for some reason now I remember of the MH-60L DAP xD)