Thursday, April 18, 2013

[WIP]USMC Marine Woodland MARPAT.

Model from EA edited by my good friend Ricardo.
Texture from EA edited by myself.
Camouflage from a topic in Models section on facepunch.

So yeah, been busy 10h a day at school which pretty sucks, but the spare time i have is on this old computer, because my actual new one is having problems on power supplying and i cant use it, the texture isnt done at all so thats why the WIP in the title. Some parts needs be edited, as the boots and some equipment.


  1. You could make the skins of the Shadow Company (COD MW2).

  2. Shadow Company is a special forces general-sided, ran by Sheperd. They dont have anything with USMC, but with US Army. And also MW2 skins are pretty old and aren't worth to make today, because most of them are already made.